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Microsoft Windows Vista

Vista ?

Windows Vista is Microsofts latest operating system and comes in different versions.

Windows Vista can make a big difference for your PC. Vista comes in 4 verions :

  • Home Basic
  • Home Premium
  • Business
  • Ultimate
  • It doesn't matter what version you're using, the Google chrome browser runs on them all !

    New Vista Features

    Windows Aero - the new and improved look. It does require a higher-end video graphics card.
    Windows Search - the best-rated new features in Windows Vista. Use it to search for files (or applications) on your pc.
    Windows Sidebar - Windows Vista has a transparent sidebar on which you can put your preferred widgets (mini-applications). Much used widgets are : a clock, a calendar and a currency exchange application.


    Get Google Chrome now

    Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google.
    Main features (amongst others) are speed (Chrome performes much faster than all competitors), stability and an improved user-interface.

    Chrome for Vista

    Windows Vista offers its users better security (Parental Controls, Windows Vista User Account Control (UAC), improved Windows Firewall, ...) and improved user experience (new Start menu, improved folders, live Icons, searching folders, ...).

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